Past Village Events

Christmas Past at the Village

Thanks to Bonnie Pulver and her committee this event proved very successful with decorations, entertainment, and tours by costumed volunteers…

The Eagles School awaits visitors for the Village’s Christmas Past Event.  A tree in the window, a wreath on the door, and twinkling lights on the rails greet all who wander in to find a musical treat within.

The four young gentlemen entertained with Christmas carols.  Each has participated in Suzuki classes since they were children.

The school ramp, wrapped in garlands, bows, and lights, led the visitors to other parts of the Village.

Candle light lines the walkways for tours to all the buildings filled with historical artifacts. The Chapel stands in the distance, its doorways inviting guests to come in and listen to music while sitting on pews built in 1798.

The guitarist strums and leads in caroling as he sits at the altar of the chapel.

A family arrives just in time to hear the music and listen to the volunteer tell about the history of early area churches and the historical artifacts in this chapel.

And, here she is, Bonnie Pulver, dressed in period clothing, with a very attentive audience.

The Savage House, an 1850s cottage, glows in the distance, as our water tank towers above.

Volunteers prepare tables with Christmas cookies and hot cider, a wonderful way to end the tour.

Friends Event

On May 15, 2015, Eastern Carolina Village & Farm Museum Board sponsored their annual Friends Event to thank supporters for their help in the Board's efforts to preserve eastern North Carolina history. A food table was spread through the Satterthwaite Store (circa 1879) as people gathered under the store's shelter out front.  Robert Shackleford, a Board member, dressed as a period shopkeeper and invited County Commissioners, City Council attendees, and Friends in for a conversation about the historical building.

Bob Shackleford during the Friends Event.

Joanne Honeycutt, Beth Ward, Pam Finch and Charles Ward during the Friends Event.